Sri Aurobindo Public School

Senior Secondary School, Sai Road, Baddi (H.P.)

Pin code: 173205 Email:

Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi(Affiliation No: 630089)

Contact: 01795 - 247440

Transport Facility


Parents desiring to avail of the school bus should confirm the bus route from the school office. The bus route will not be changed. Bus fare is subject to change.

Note : Fees once paid will not be refunded.

The School does not take responsibility for any private transport/Private vehicles not encouraged.

Bus Rules

1.    All the students should obey the respective staff/monitors, the driver and conductor of their buses.

2.    Staff/Monitor should check the entry of a new person in his/ her bus.

3.  Any quarrel/fights and disputes, should be reported to the concerned authority of the school, the bus in-charge, co-ordinators, transport in-charge,Principal at     the earliest.In disciplined behaviour in the school bus will make the students ineligible to use the school transport.

4.    In case of any mishap in the bus, please inform the school office immediately. (088947-23123,124,125)

5.    Misbehaviour in the bus, violence in school individually or in a group and damage to property is considered a major disciplinary violation, reports of violence         in any form in or out of the school shall result in the rustication of the pupil concerned.

6.   Safety saves, so students should avoid traveling on footboards and any unnecessary movement in the bus.

7.    Travel in the bus is permitted only after the permission of the concerned authority.

8.    Students are advised not to get on / off the bus while it is moving, or at the traffic signals/crossings, etc.

9.  Bullying, use of foul language and carrying objectionable material are punishable offences.

10. Advance information in writing must be sent in case the child comes in the school in the morning but does not Intend to use it to go back home on a                  particular day.

11. Students will not  be allowed to get down at any stop other than the one opted  in the beginning of the session on any particular day.

Bus Route Details
Route No Route : Starting Point & Finishing Point Bus No. up/ drop points of the school vehicles
1 School - Nanakpur- School CH04-0183 Nanakpur, Khuhwala, Rampur Jangi, Kona, Maranwala, Lehrondi, Sitomajra, Gorakhnath, Nawanagar , Rishi Apartment , Neelam Hotel, Baddi Light, Water Tank . 
2 School- Nalagarh - School HP02-4587 Ropar Road, New Nalagarh , UCO Bank, Khera , Manpura , Exchange, Manpura, Thana, Dhela, Kaundi
3 School- Gurudwara - School CH03W-7907  Gurudwara, Park, GPI Friends Colony, Dattowal, Nalagarh Chowk, Kripalpur, Khera, Kharuni & Manpur.                                                                                                                                         
4 School- Kishanpura - School CH04-9110 Kishanpura,Harraipur , Bhud Barrier, Malpur, Sandoli, By Pass.
5 School-Palankwala-School CH03H-2987 Palankwala, Boss Pharma ,Jharmajri,Shivalik Nagar,Hillview .
6 School -Suncity-School   Suncity, BBNDA, Kailsh Vihar, Electricity Board, Pir Baba.
7 School-Amravati- School HP12E-6283 E.O.U. to Amravati, Phase III
8 School -Vivek-School HP12E-6283 Phase-3 , Himunda Apart., Vivek School, NRI.
9 School- Water Tank-School HP12C-2066 Water Tank, Winsome, Deepak Spinning.
10-A School - HB Phase -I -School HP12C-5285 HB Phase -I .
10-B School- HB Phase- II - School HP12C-5285 HB Phase-2, VR School, Sai Tample .
11 School - Omaxe /Cipla-School HP12C-2066 .Omaxe , Cipla Colony .
12 School -Surajpur-School CH03W-0753 Surajpur, Kulhariwala, Sansiwala, Barotiwala, Shivalik Nagar .
13 School- Bashanti Bagh -School HP12C-0716 Bashanti Bagh.
14 School- Kailsh Vihar -School HP12C-0716 Kailsh Vihar , Deepak Spp., Billanwali.
15 School- MSML-School  CH04H-2392 MSML, Weaving Mills.
16 School- Office Colony - School    Auro , Officer Colony .
17 School -Arisht -School    Arisht Mills .