Sri Aurobindo Public School

Senior Secondary School, Sai Road, Baddi (H.P.)

Pin code: 173205 Email:,

Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi(Affiliation No: 630089)

Provisionally Affiliated March 2023

Contact: 01795 - 245259, +91 9805859066


 Col Kanwaljit Singh Randhawa (Retd) belongs to a family which produced 5 generations of Officers in the Defense Forces covering the Great Wars of WW I and WW II, 1962, 1965, 1971, Siachen War and the Kargil War. Currently his son is the fifth generation serving Army Officer in his own Regiment. After having served in the defense forces for nearly 22 years, he worked as the CEO of Dalhousie Public School Badhani, which is a residential school for 12 years. After relinquishing his appointment, he permanently shifted base to home city Chandigarh, where he was selected by the “Vardhaman Group of Companies” as Director of Sri Aurobindo Public School Baddi, and he assumed office on 01 April 2022.


   He firmly believes that “Education is the Most Potent Weapon, and one Needs to be Formidably Armed Always”.


Message: - The world is witnessing a race in the field of technological revolution, that is taking place at a very rapid pace, and this phenomenon will keep on evolving. But in this fog of tech-race somewhere, our Ethics and Values have got lost. In our country, traditional Ethics and Culture along with education should be the Vanguard of Advancement. Education being the most potent weapon, it is the best defense of a nation, and therefore, we need to be formidably armed.

 In a School, first the rock-solid foundation of DISCIPLINE is laid, and then on top of that we build an edifice of CHARACTER which is made up of binding ingredients like humility, obedience, uprightness and munificence. Studies and character-building walk hand–in–hand.

Teaching is the noblest of the noble professions that there are, which requires dedication, perseverance and commitment. Providing quality education, keeping abreast with the modern and scientific teaching techniques, provisioning of the best sports infrastructure, and quality infrastructure are daily challenges of this noble profession.

To be the game-changer in this field, one has to keep abreast and updated with the latest trends in the Education World.